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About Me :

I have been working as a visual effects artist for the last 10 years. I began as a modeler, but quickly transitioned into designing tools to increase productivity, effects (mostly focusing on cloth and fur dynamics), lighting and surfacing. While attending graduate school I focused more heavily on management for visual effects (Producer and Supervisor positions on various projects) while still actively working on the effects involved with the productions. I served as an on-set production assistant on a television pilot called Decktechs and over the following year worked on a handful of other projects; a music video for a Los Angeles based pop singer, Holy Rollin', a short film, The Butterfly Dancer, about a young African American girl growing up in 1940's southern Georgia and her struggle to become a ballet dancer, and an animated short, Nature of Life, about a young satyr whom leads a dying tortoise to his final resting place.

For the past 2 years I have been working as a freelance digital media artist while attending to family obligations, having produced advertisement material for distribution on YouTube and photo simulations for regulatory meetings leading to project approval. In addition to my freelance work, I have been working on developing a web television pilot.

  • Dec. 15th 2015 - I has been a while since I updated my website, restructuring of website complete.